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About Movement On The Ground

The foundation Movement On The Ground is an foundation to create a more dignified and innovative response to the refugee crisis. Find more about the projects here:


Lesvos serves as a central entry point for many who seek refuge in Europe. However, persons on flight are often stuck for months and even years in the highly overcrowded camps that developed on the island to, temporarily, provide for their basic needs. Given those circumstances, psychosocial needs arise that are essential for living a life in dignity. This is reflected in the Camp to CampUS philosophy from Movement on the Ground (MOTG). While the basic needs such as food and shelter need to be covered first, MOTG aims to involve and empower the camp residents to take responsibility in their community. Through this self-worth and dignity can be experienced.

Cooperation with MOTG

The Camp to CampUS philosophy from MOTG mirrors the underlying values of the Leadership in my community program: empowerment and community building through stimulating individual leadership and responsibility. Here, the leadership program offers a clear set of methods and trainings that could complement the current activities of MOTG and further promote their CampUS philosophy. With this is mind, we are currently conducting a pilot phase of four months. The aim of this period is to identify whether there is a need for the leadership program and how the program needs to be adapted to the given circumstances.

Our Activities

In August 2019 Dona and Laila started our project in Lesvos. The workshops were received very positively from the residents and quickly they provided regular workshops to residents from Camp Moria, Olive Grove and Kara Tepe. Due to the dramatic overcrowding in Camp Moria that has lead to exceptional circumstances, at the moment residents from Moria and Olive Grove are not able to join the program anymore. We hope the situation will improve quickly so that we can continue with the program there. Some of our first participants from Kara Tepe have now entered the project phase. We are happy to support them in the process and are excited to see how their plans become reality.

To continue in 2020

After the pilot phase we discovered that there is a big need for our program im the camps. Many residents were very pleased to attend the program and learned a lot of their personal life skills. So in 202o we will continue and start a train the trainer program for the different international and local NGO’s working at Lesvos.




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